Commitment to My Clients

Every event is unique and every client looks for a planner who can ensure his or her event will run smoothly and successfully.

Here are the commitments I make to each of my clients:

  • I treat each client with individual attention and responsiveness. I only take on projects I know I can manage so that you fully benefit from the expertise and experience I bring to a project;
  • Based on my experience and relationships in the industry, I will quickly ascertain what the requirements are to create a successful event for you and then bring the best solutions to it;
  • I will calmly guide you through the logistical details involved in producing a professional event and generate trust and confidence with all participants in the planning and structure of the event;
  • Should problems arise, I will respond quickly to ensure they are solved proactively and responsibly;
  • All interactions with you, your staff, volunteers, suppliers, speakers and participants are carried out in a warm, pleasant, polite and professional manner in order to create a positive and productive atmosphere leading up to and at your event;
  • Thoughtful care, attention to detail and a strong focus will be brought to your event so that the organizational elements simply disappear;
  • I will patiently guide all stakeholders towards the ultimate goal of a well-run and successful event while remaining quietly in the background orchestrating each and every detail.

When you hire Behind the Scenes Conference Planning, you are making the decision to hire a meeting planner who is an attentive professional, who brings strength in planning, strong organizational skills and who will work in a proactive partnership with you to make your event the best it can be.

That’s my commitment to you.