Ways We Can Help You

We will plan and execute your event – seamlessly!

Making the investment to hire a professional can be one of the best decisions you will make for your association’s conference.

Your time is valuable and you know where your expertise lies. Taking time away from your day-to-day profession to plan a conference can be stressful and time consuming.

Behind the Scenes Conference Planning, under the personal guidance of Diane Laundy Principal Planner, will work closely with you, your staff and your senior volunteers to move your conference seamlessly from inception to execution.

Here’s what you can expect when you hire Behind the Scenes Conference Planning for your next event:

• You’ll be able to move quickly from planning to taking action
• We’ll find the best solutions for your needs in a timely and efficient manner
• We foster relationships with key suppliers and stakeholders
• You’ll create a wonderful conference atmosphere for attendees
• You’ll be free to focus on participating in the conference without worrying about the details. We’ll do that for you!

You might not be able to hire a conference planner yet, but you need help now. Money is tight and every dollar is precious. When you spend, you want to know that you will get real value in return.

Small, emerging associations have great ideas, enthusiastic members and lots of energy to invest in growing the association. But there are limitations.

Behind the Scenes Conference Planning has expertise you can draw on without hiring a full time planner. By consulting with Diane Laundy on a regular basis, you can tap into her years of experience and knowledge in the conference planning field. She can work with you to:

• Develop your conference goals
• Plan your budget
• Create your critical path of key deadlines and dates
• Answer questions and provide advice on specific contracts, planning problems, logistics
• Provide templates and checklists that will set you on your path to a terrific conference

Whether it’s your first or your tenth conference, Diane’s insight, objectivity and expertise will help you juggle all the conference details without dropping a single one!

You can consult with us along the way on all aspects of planning

We save you money on your next event – really!

95 Tips for Saving Money on Your Next Event, written by Diane Laundy, a professional planner with over 10 years of experience in the field, contains helpful, practical solutions to create a successful meeting on budget.

You’ll find tips on saving on supplier quotes and contracts, AV, food and beverage and registration.

With a small investment of $3.98, you are sure to save much more using only one of these money saving ideas.

See a few money saving tips to help you with your next event and to order your copy of 95 Tips for Saving Money on Your Next Event .